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Why do I punish myself, food-wise?

Time for another look into the life of someone who has had a Whipple Procedure. My previous one about farting was quite popular and I hope this post about why some whipple people continue to eat food that we know makes us sick will be an enlightening as the farting post.

For me, it has been four years since I had the Whipple Procedure to remove the benign tumour, named Betty, and it has taken about three years to work out what I could eat, what I couldn’t, my brain figuring that eating disorders are awesome, beating that and coping this year with side effects and that my body has accepted it’s new form and is putting on weight again (god dammit, back to running for me!). Though throughout this time, I still eat loads of foods that I know disagree either all of the time or most of the time (most of the time is the worst, as when it does disagree with you, it’s usually when you’re dining out for dinner with a selection of the World’s Leaders and there’s no bathroom.. happens to me all the time *cough*).

Especially during this last month of losing my new job and struggling to find new work and dealing with the welfare groups, I have been eating so much bad food, which leads to me sculling bottles of antacids clutching my stomach in bed instead of applying for jobs. Why?

Because most of the foods that disagree with us is generally comfort food; chocolate, ice cream, deep fried foods, heavy foods (pasta), potato chips (crisps) and all of your favourite things. Seriously, there are a few foods that are quite healthy which make me sick and I can quite easily not eat them (bananas, citrus, onions).

Also, you know how when you tell a child not to do something and then they proceed to disobey you and then blame you afterwards while you try to mop up the blood (horrible flashback of standing barefoot on a bowl barefoot to see if it would take my weight… the doctors at A&E and y nurse-mother said it didn’t)? Well, I think, at least for myself, if I deny it = I MUST HAVE IT!! And my brain hides the memory of the last time you ate that because it wants that sweet delicious sugar/deep fried hit. My brain has no feelings to my stomach or bowels. It figures that the more time I spend on the toilet, the better I’ll get at playing Angry Birds.

You might have figured, I don’t have great willpower. The one time when I did have great willpower, I got an eating disorder! When I was living in Canberra, you had to *really* want that comfort food in order to walk the 40mins in the minus 7 degree Celcius rainy weather to get battered fish n chips and then walk back! But here in Sydney, my god! Food is everywhere! All types of food, food can even deliver itself to your door! So yeah, you definitely need really strong willpower to walk past N2 Extreme Gelato (a gelato place that makes crazy awesome gelato using liquid nitrogen).

But I think, the hardest thing is that all us Whipple people want to be normal again, not make a fuss when going out for food. And it can tire you out. In that new job I lost, it was for a food company and it was excepted of you to go out with your colleagues for lunch. I didn’t want to make too much of a fuss when they would argue where to go for lunch.

I managed to ‘get away’ with eating at some places, a burger joint that only serves deep fried chicken burgers (eekk deep fried), but one day, I happened to accidently get a sandwich which contained onions and I had to go home half-way during the day sick as a Whipple dog. That was embarrassing and annoying because I had that whole “oh but you said you can’t eat blah blah” .. well 80% of the time I can and I cannot predict when that 20% of “You’re going to regret this” will kick in. I just don’t want to be a bother.


Funny enough, I have gotten use to the pains and illness especially when hanging out with Family and friends that enjoy foods that I ‘use’ to enjoy and, again, no willpower, I dive right in. Followers of my Instagram, will note the Aunt Niece Lunch/Dinner Date hashtags linked to many gelato and yum cha posts. I know, I know, bad me. But blame the Aunt! It’s all her fault, nothing to do with me and my lack of willpower!! Gelato is just so amazing. I want gelato now.

It also doesn’t help that as a Tour Guide for a food walking tours, I do get some lovely food gifts from the venues that I bring people to every Saturday. Because I am half-English, I cannot say no, it’s so un-English!

Anyho, before I list a few helpful tips, I just want to say to fellow Whipple people out there it is ok to eat bad food. Just plan ahead, your brain might lie to you about the results from the last experiment. Be prepared and do not beat yourself up afterwards if that gelato you had last week (which you were fine with) has backstabbed you this week. This is the joy of being a stubborn human being. Enjoy!


  • Planning: Plan ahead if you can when you’re going to have sneaky food. Say you have ‘bad food’ for lunch, don’t plan to meet your partner’s parents for the first time at dinner time. I, myself, plan the Aunt Niece Lunch/Dinner Dates when I didn’t have to work afterwards or the next day.
  • Have medication on you at all times: If you have creon tablets, lactose-free tablets, antacids, etc. Have some at home, some in your bag and the rest at work. I just use liquid antacids (all the time.. should really get that checked out) and have bottles everywhere.
  • Find alternative bad foods: Pretty simple, if you cannot stomach battered fish, have grilled. Chocolate is a pain because it has either too much lactose and/or sugar in it, find a different version (vegan, low carb, etc. Health shops can hold a great range). Not only is this better for you mentally, you will be amazed what you can find in your town – a whole wide new world of food!
  • Don’t buy it/have it: Yep, another very simple thing. Don’t buy it and have it in your house. Especially if you’re like me and have little willpower. Yet, I keep doing it and I say to myself each time, I won’t eat all of it, not like old-fat-Roz. This is followed by the sound of my brain sniggering in the back. So yeah, don’t have that Nutella jar or that ice cream in the freezer. It all ends in stomach/gut pain. It’s that never ending cycle of you want comfort food because bad day, then you get sick and your end gets worse and this requires more comfort food! Dammit!
  • Research menus and pick the place: In this digital world, finding restaurants online with their menus online can help you a lot. Generally my friends and family make me pick the place because they know I research places that can cater for my needs. But sadly, like that job I had briefly, I couldn’t pick the place. Which cause me much anxiety and illness. But if you’re in that situation here’s the best advice I can give you:
  • Taking the risk: So your boss has picked the restaurant and you have to go and eat. What do you do?

Step1) try to find the menu online as soon as possible.

Step 2) see if they cater to allergies (because it is so much easier for us to say it’s an allergy or intolerance).

Step 3) Find out if they have good bathrooms, if not, how far are the closest ones?

Step 4) Work out which are the worst bad food and avoid them at all cost (for me it’s onions and citrus), then work out which bad foods are not as bad to your gut (again for me, it’s gluten and dairy).

Step 5) If it’s dinner, avoid all of your bad foods all day. I find that my stomach/gut has a ‘gluten and dairy limit’ per day. weirdddd.

Step 6) Pack all of your medications and remedies. Do not forget them.

Step 7) Have your order all planned, with the least-worst bad foods and most importantly, don’t panic. Seriously, if you think it’s going to make you really sick, you will get sick. Funny how the brain does that to screw your life once again.

So gt eating! hahaha… aaww I just made myself sad. MOAR CHOCOLATE!

❤ Whipple Girl

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Time flies

Wow… last post in December, filled with passion and a pile of new ideas. Silly silly girl haha.

Well the reasons why I haven’t been filling your lives with whipple-joy is the following;

* Working two jobs with increased crazy hours for both.

* Moving house

* Writing Restaurant Articles for Foodi Tour’s article pages (http://foodi.com.au/profile/29006/)

* Quitting both jobs for an exciting office full-time job

* And then being ‘let go’ from said new exciting job after 3 weeks as things didn’t work out.

So very up and down these last 6-7 months. But now that I’m the job-hunt and trying my best to put off going to Centrelink, I now have my passion again to start writing again (along with the nagging from family and friends, thanks everyone).

So, Hi again, fancy meeting you here. The Whipple Girl is back to help those who’ve also had the Whipple Procedure and would like some tips, hints and giggles from someone who’s had the surgery and is recording her ups, downs, side effects (eating disorder, PCOS and pre-diabetes) and finding joy find restaurant discoveries and home cooking experimenting!

First off, a good old recipe. A simple easy-peasy salad and with this salad, you don’t want to make friends with salad as you want it all for yourself! I made this salad during the crazy storm in Sydney about a month ago and it’s fantastic on the whipple stomach, with some fats coming from the goat’s cheese along with the small amount of Serrano ham, the sweet versus the salty with figs thrown in and finished with the sticky balsamic glaze.

This salad is: Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Low-carb and, of course, whipple-friendly!

Rainy Rocket Salad

Rainy Rocket Salad

Rainy Rocket Salad

Prep time: 15mins – Cooking time: nil – Serves: 1

50grams Rocket Leaves

3 strips of Serrano Ham (or any paper-thin sliced ham)

2 medium-sized Figs

4 Cherry tomatoes

5-6 Snow pea Pods

40grams Chevre Cheese

1 tbsp Balsamic Glaze

Find a deep serving bowl that has been hiding in the back of the cupboard trying not to be noticed.

Pop 30grams (3/4) of the rocket leaves into the bowl.

Prep everything else on a chopping board;

Cut cherry tomatoes into halves, the snow peas into threes and the figs into quarters.

Pull apart the strips of Serrano ham and pull apart the chevre cheese into chunks.

Wash your cheese-covered hands and get excited that the salad is almost ready to be devoured by you and only you.

Put most of these chopped/pulled ingredients on top of the rocket leaves in the bowl. Drizzle 1/2 Tbsp of balsamic on top.

Use a large spoon to gently toss the ingredients (how can one toss something gently, I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t attack the salad with force, as your salad will end up on the floor and all the animals will dive in – speaking from experience).

At the end, top the dish with the rest of the rocket leaves, then whatever chopped/pulled ingredients on top of that.

Finish the last drizzle of the glaze.

Recommend eating with a fork. Hands are just-so-2003.

Hope you all enjoy and I’m really happy to be back.

❤ Jobless-yet-not-beaten Whipple Girl

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Vapiano Pasta and Brisbane Mini Review

Greetings all, (reviews at the bottom of the page if you wish to skip past!)

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for the Whipple Girl: juggling 2 jobs, job hunting, health checks and exploring a new city.

so first things first, my main job at the Sydney Vapiano Restaurant has launch their Summer Specials menu that was designed by the staff of the Australian Vapiano Restaurants. There was a big contest and lots of taste testing and yahoo, my pasta recipe won!

AND it’s ‘Whipple friendly’ dish too! Dairy free, gluten free (when had with gnocchi), onion/garlic free, red meat free and it’s easy on the oil too so there is less chance of a mad rush to the bathroom! The dish does have citrus (a lemon wedge) but it’s placed on top as garnish, therefore, easy to take off! They called it ‘Chilli, prawn & rocket pasta’ and oddly my fellow Pasta Chefs having been making heaps of these this past week and I’ve only made a handful!

I’ve been told there will be another ‘food blogger event’ at Sydney soon, so I cannot wait to cook for them all *again* and hopefully they will want to know all about my blog too!


“This is Ros and she works in Vapiano Sydney whipping up your favourite pastas. So it was only natural that she designed the ‘chilli, prawn and rocket pasta’ for our new Summer Specials. your favourite pastas. So it was only natural that she designed the ‘chilli, prawn and rocket pasta’ for our new Summer Specials.

Ros is also a food blogger and has many readers with dietary requirements. She says they were the inspiration behind her dish: “As someone with dietary issues, I wanted to design a dish for all us special people, that is dairy free, onion/garlic free and gluten free with Vapiano gnocchi.”

We love her creation and think you will too!” – Vapiano Australia’s facebook post

So that is exciting *sits back and waits for the high paying job offers to roll in*. I was then flown to Brisbane to attend Vapiano’s grand opening of their 5th restaurant in Westfield’s Garden City. Also very exciting as I am one of those Australians who’ve been overseas a few times but has not been to Queensland (or Melbourne) and now I had this great chance to go to Brisbane and explore! And thanks to my lovely Aunt, she paid for me to stay an extra day/night so I had more time to walk, sweat and drink cider while hunting for Whipple friendly foods in Brisbane.

Vapiano Garden City Grand Opening

Vapiano Garden City Grand Opening



I was really grateful for the Urbanspoon app that lead me to the Paleo Cafe in Market St and to other GF places. Wow, I’m not a Paleo diet person – though my personal diet is somewhat close to it – but I was thrilled to see their menu, be served by helpful staff when I asked about onion. I’ve discovered that is a Paleo Cafe in Bondi, so my Aunt and I will be visiting that cafe very soon!

The 3 days I was away in Brisbane suffering from the heat, not sticking to the diet – which with insulin resistance as come back and bit me on my ever-growing arse, I had a new wave of inspiration of life and of this blog. Which was good timing as I am back to my little ‘depression state’ so yay, for mini-breaks!

So for my first post (now that you’ve read all that ‘look at me, I’m awesome’ update) I’ll give you a mini-review of 2 cafes in Brisbane for us Whipple People! (Paleo Cafe will have its own review soon)


 Cafe Mondial – 167 Albert Street


Walking around Queen Street and Albert Street wasting time, it can be quite lonely travelling solo and it’s a rainy Monday night. Thankfully Brisbane CBD restaurants and cafes like to display their menus outside (more so than Sydney or Canberra) and I saw those wonderful letters ‘GF’! I grabbed a seat and was served quickly, the waiter didn’t batter an eyelid when I asked for gluten free and dairy free Turkey Sandwich (which was listed with brie) and was ensured there wasn’t any sneaky evil onion in it.

I got my glass of wine soon afterwards, hey it’s a mini-break don’t judge me, the sandwiches were taking their sweet time to arrive. But soon enough they hunted down the gluten-free breads at roam around the streets of Brisbane to make my sandwich and got the typical ‘gluten free bread is smaller therefore we give you two’ which is great for everyone else and thankfully I didn’t order any sides and I hadn’t eaten for most of the day so I did mange to eat both sandwiches.

The Sandwiches were still warm from being toasted and the turkey was moist and did have that ‘turkey’ flavour to it.

So all in all. Not a bad little joint, the staff know their menus.. just a shame the wonderful service was quite slow. I would recommend this place for basic cafe fare food for both Whipple people and their non-whipple friends/family!

Groove Train – King George Square (100 Adelaide St)


Groove Train has two cafes in Brisbane, this one is located in the beautiful King George Square. As I was a few hours away from flying back to stormy Sydney, I didn’t want to venture too far away from Central station.

I did my usual ‘scan’ of their menu and saw that there was GF options and some non-dairy options too which is good considering it was still late morning breakfast/brunch menu time (damn my NSW daylight savings genes) and I wanted something that would last until my flight.

I ordered the ‘Forest Mushrooms’ with added smoked ham on GF bread – as it used goats cheese and olive oil with herbs it can be considered lactose-free. So ordered that and waited soaking in the view of City Hall and its solar-powered Christmas Tree.

It *finally* arrived (what is it with Brisbane service during weekdays?) and the result: meh. It was alright, not very exciting (the ham helped), a bit too oily and little amount of goats cheese. The GF bread that they used was a winner though! Good size as it didn’t fall apart and paired well with the oil.

For that plus a diet coke I was a little shocked when the bill was just over $25.. so yeah kind of pricey. But it was ok and filling enough for this Whipple Girl. So my advice, good for location and good for the family with some money.

So yes, a couple of choices out there in CBD of Brisbane.

With new ideas, new reviews waiting and creative cooking ideas forming in my head look forward to the new improved Whipple Girl!

Cheers big ears.

Whipple Girl

Groove Train on Urbanspoon

Cafe Mondial on Urbanspoon

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